Golden Drum, International Festival of Creativity, is Rebuilding Connection with a strong desire to reunite, reconnect, and reignite creativity. The festival’s competition opening this March introduces two new special awards for Production Agency of the Year and Digital Agency of the Year and adds a new category Creative Use of Technology to Group C- Engagement.

Last year, extensive changes were made to the core of the Golden Drum Competition with four main competition sections and an additional All Juries section, new sustainable trophies, a new award point system, and the newly presented Bronze Drum award.

This year, the festival is adding two new awards to the list of special awards, a new category Creative Use of Technology to Omni-Channel Section and introduces some changes in the process of evaluating the works in the All Juries Section.

New awards

Golden Drum Festival is presenting two new special awards to the existing list of awards:

Production Agency of the Year Award recognises the best production company showing outstanding pre- or post-production work for campaigns entered into the competition. The award will be presented to the production company that collects the most points in the festival competition.

Digital Agency of the Year Award celebrates the best digital agency showing exceptional creativity in digital. The award will be presented to the digital agency that collects the most points in the festival competition.

Find out more about Golden Drum awards: https://goldendrum.com/competition/awards 

Group Engagement with a new category

Group C – Engagement (Omni-Channel Drum Section) has been improved with a new group description and a new category: Creative Use of Technology, celebrating the creative and innovative use of technology towards a better user experience and increased consumer engagement. Market result metrics will now also receive more attention in the judging of the Engagement group, so the entrants should provide quantifiable result data.

All Juries Section – change in the judging process

The All Juries section includes three special Golden Drum groups: Social Good, Genius Loci/Local Spirit, and Covid-19. This section will be shortlisted by all four juries in the first round of judging and will include four jury presidents and two representatives of each of the four juries chosen by the organiser in the second round of judging for the awards.

By inviting an additional 8 jury members to the second stage to judge the award entries, the discussion will generate more perspective and diverse insight into these special groups, resulting in a fair judging process.

Golden Drum Competition opens for entries this March.

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