Bulgarian Association of Communication Agencies (BACA)  was established in 1995 as an independent and voluntary non-profit organization. Since 1996 BACA is a member of the European Association of Communication Agencies /EACA/*.

Bulgarian Association of Communication Agencies is the professional body for leading agencies in the Bulgarian advertising, media and marketing communications industry. The Association is the public voice for the advertising industry and upholds standards of professionalism that deliver value for members, consumers and business.

*EACA is an organisation, which brings together the advertising, media and sales promotions agencies across Europe, enabling international experience and issues to be shared and dealt with on a pan-European basis. EACA brings together National Agency Associations and covers all the leading International Agencies active in Europe as well as Media and Health Agencies.


The Association is focused also on developing, implementing and popularizing business standards. We believe that fidelity to the principles of ethical and socially responsible should be an important part of the success of any business. Its work covers different types of lobbying and negotiations, guidance notes, award schemes and events. The principal mission is to promote effective advertising, high professional standards and awareness of the contribution of the commercial communications in a free market economy.


BACA organises the key events and competitions of the local advertising industry.

The main annual activity is the Festival of Creativity and Media – FARA. Its aim is to review the achievements of advertising in Bulgaria and to honour the best among the participants in the different categories. In 2019 the Association held its twentieth edition.

Since 2007, BACA has organized EFFIE® Bulgaria Awards. Effie® and “E Logo” are registered trademarks of Effie Worldwide, Inc. and are used under license by the Bulgarian Association of Communications Agencies. The Effie Awards recognize the most effective advertising efforts in marketing communications.

Bulgarian Association of Communications Agencies is the official and exclusive representative for Bulgaria of the International Festival of Creativity, incorporating Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Eurobest European Advertising Festival, Dubai Lynx Advertising Festival and Spikes Asia Advertising Festival.

In September 2009, BACA became a founding member of the National Council for Self-regulation. The activity of the NCSR is based on the National Ethical Standards for Adverting and Commercial Communication in Bulgaria (the Code), prepared by its members. The Code is a set of ethical rules to be respected by all those involved in advertising and any form of commercial communication.

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