Ad Black Sea: Entry system is opened with an early bird deadline 10th July

Ad Black Sea will now have 13 contests divided into four groups judged by four jury teams. 

Jury team division is similar to last year with the biggest change coming to Impact Jury who will be judging 2 brand new contests for the festival. Here are all the teams and contests the jurors will be judging:

Classic: Advertising Campaigns, Film, Film Craft, OOH

Design & Print: Design & Branding, Print & Publishing, Visual Craft (NEW)

Engagement: Brand Experience & Activation (NEW), Digital & Mobile, Media

Impact: Creative Effectiveness, Creative Strategy (NEW), Sustainable Development Goals (NEW)

Let’s dive into some of the changes. 

Firstly, they added Creative Strategy to the contest to celebrate the brilliant strategies behind the creative solutions and happy to have Mark Pollard to join as one of the jurors for the first edition of this contest. 

Another exciting change comes for all entries that aim to harness creativity to positively impact the world. In previous years such works were entered into different contests under relevant categories. This year, we will have Sustainable Development Goals where the jury will specifically take into account the impact the work had. 

Similar to Sustainable Development Goals, Visual Craft has also been added to unite work that was previously entered in craft categories under different contests.

And lastly Brand Experience & Activation contest will provide more context for works that demonstrate exceptional brand building through experience design.

To see all contests and categories click here.

The early entry deadline is July 10th and the deadline is August 14th, with the winners announced during the Festival on September 16th in Batumi, Georgia.

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