Inspiration and Innovation: A conversation with GOBOX about their brand upgrade, internal changes, and the place of the young people in the industry

Nowadays, advertising and communication are proven tools for successful business. To find out how an advertising agency can adapt and grow in this dynamic world, we are having a conversation with GOBOX, an agency that has undergone a rebranding and is bringing in several innovations, both externally and internally. The agency is also a member of the Bulgarian Association of Communication Agencies (BACA), which adds another dimension to its team’s efforts to develop and change the industry.

Source: GOBOX

To find out more about the reasons behind the agency’s changes, we are speaking to the GOBOX team.

Here’s what they told us:

What inspired GOBOX to rebrand the agency?

Petar Boyadzhiev, Managing Partner, GOBOX:  Our agency turned 13 this year and we decided it was more than necessary to catalyze the hormones of this independent teenager in an ever more constructive direction. We would rather call it a brand upgrade, because in addition to changing the visual identity, we are also updating the way we work “outside” and “inside”, striving to meet the needs of the market.

Denislava Kovacheva, Account Director, GOBOX:  Our team consists of people who do not sit in one place and do inform themselves daily about new tendencies and trends. Rebranding is the natural reflection of all this. The new identity of GOBOX is a fresh step forward, which also brings with it the steadily accumulated experience to date.

What new services and opportunities will GOBOX offer after the rebranding?

Petar Boyadzhiev, Managing Partner, GOBOX: Our focus will be to continue the development of the creative unit with the current positioning GOBOX | CREATIVE & EFFECTIVE and now also internally uniting the packaging design unit GOBOX | PACKAGING and the business consulting unit GOBOX | CONSULTING.

For years, our team has focused entirely on a comprehensive approach to solving communications cases. We believe that to create real value for its clients, every agency should not offer specific services, but to be a holistic and complete partner in the planning, creation, implementation and above all in the constructive improvement of every communications solution.

Bearing in mind the changes taking place, are there also any upcoming changes in the management of the agency?

Petar Boyadzhiev, Managing Partner, GOBOX: From November, the agency will officially have a new Chief Executive Director, our current Client Service Director – Mincho Vasilev. His exceptional professionalism, approach to the complex problems of the market and proven results for our partners over the last 10 years, naturally led to the mutual decision for him to take over the navigation and ‘puberty’ of the team. The current Managing Partners Georgi Parvanov and Petar Boyadzhiev will remain in their roles as creative directors with a focus on big ideas and working solutions.

Mr. Vasilev, what are your views, ideas and goals regarding the industry and your agency?

Mincho Vasilev, Client Service Director, GOBOX: We can see how the combination of challenges and opportunities for the business resembles a real roller coaster for companies and their marketing teams, and unexpected changes demand greater flexibility and determination from us as a specialist in the advertising industry.

I believe that this is precisely what gives us the prerequisites to strive for a general change in the thinking and existence of agencies, and from there also in the relationship between teams, clients, partners, brands, and their audiences.

In this line, GOBOX is embarking on a path that aims to constantly push our team out of their comfort zones, inspire talent and achieve more for customers through innovative tactics and strategies.

What methods do you use to find and retain new talent in the industry?

Mincho Vasilev, Client Service Director, GOBOX: A large part of them become familiar with the advertising industry even before they know it – working on projects, more like a hobby or a side interest.

At GOBOX, talents learn very quickly, thanks to the great freedom they have, to express themselves and improve their skills. Our internal corporate culture and selection of different profiles also give us an edge and is contributing to an excellent environment and relationships.

Denislava Kovacheva, Account Director, GOBOX: When looking for new talents, one of the main qualities we are seeking is personal motivation and proactivity. You must really be into advertising, otherwise things won’t work out. At first glance, it looks fun and cool, but at the same time it is also responsible and requires hard work.

And when we find such a person, at GOBOX we do everything to keep them with the given opportunity to create freely. We provide every account, designer, and copywriter with a voice. The personal satisfaction of having your idea heard, accepted, and implemented is the sweetest reward.

What challenges do you anticipate working with new talent and how do you plan to overcome them?

Mincho Vasilev, Client Service Director, GOBOX: Part of the challenge is the well know lack of a unified approach, self-organization, and systematization of the processes, but in my opinion, the biggest challenge for a young person is the lack of self-esteem and confidence. Psychologically, we usually solve this by fully trusting and aligning the roles of everyone on the team. I often tell young colleagues not to forget that we learn from them more than they learn from us.

What is your vision for the future of the advertising industry in Bulgaria?

Petar Boyadzhiev, Managing Partner, GOBOX: The emphasis of our industry should continue to be in the direction of developing talents, entering international markets, and especially for the Bulgarian market – more and more work in creating communication solutions that do not sound as ads. Other local independent agencies are doing better in this direction and we are glad that their development helps in making the future brighter here too.

Why do you consider it important to actively participate in new pitches for advertising agencies?

Petar Boyadzhiev, Managing Partner, GOBOX: Pitches are the most natural and correct path to find the right (long-term) partner – both from the point of view of the clients and the agency. In our experience, even at first contact, you can feel whether there will be a partnership. It’s a duty for all agencies to support the strategy of educating advertisers about full transparency, adequate pay, and reasonable deadlines for all pro bono work – in or out of the pitches, which cumulatively can take at least 20-30% of the man-hours during the year and 100% of the overtime.

What is your strategy for bringing innovation and new ideas into the work of the agency?

Petar Boyadzhiev, Managing Partner, GOBOX: It is true that this is a constant and perhaps increasingly difficult process. With the rise of AI in every aspect of daily life, we are all involved in the constant process of seeking new solutions, both to achieve results for our partners and to optimize internal processes. However, the search for innovation in the creative field does not always guarantee good achievements in both directions. Personally, I believe that we should constantly feed our desire for the “new” and test it regularly. Only then it can become an innovation and potentially be a working solution.

How do you think the advertising industry can contribute to the economic growth and development in Bulgaria?

Georgi Parvanov, Managing Partner, GOBOX: We believe that our industry should be responsible and contribute to the development of the economy. The more creative and effective the marketing of Bulgarian companies, both locally and internationally, the faster they can develop, attract foreign investments, and establish themselves on the market.

There are a lot of examples in which small companies, but with good advertising strategies, manage to transform themselves into major players, thanks to their innovative approach in the field. This helps the overall market situation because it creates new economic opportunities.

What goals and plans do you have for the future of GOBOX and for the development of the advertising industry in Bulgaria?

Petar Boyadzhiev, Managing Partner, GOBOX: We will continue our development as an independent communications agency, renewing and improving every aspect of our activities. At the end of the day, our task and mission is to deliver relevant and extra value for our partners and customers. We believe that this should also be the general direction for the industry in Bulgaria.

You can learn more about the news and changes related to GOBOX on their website.

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