EACA’s “She is a Keeper” Playbook: Real Solutions to Retain and Empower Women in Advertising

The European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA) just released “She is a Keeper”,a playbook by the EACA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force. This new resource gathers 35successful policies and best practices from EACA members across countries and corporationsdesigned to retain women in the industry and enhance their careers.

“Retaining women in the advertising industry is not just about fairness, it’s about business sense. Bycreating a culture that values and supports women, we can tap into unique talents and perspectivesand unlock the full potential of our industry”— Faye Raincock, DEI Task Force Chair

Addressing the critical issue of women leaving the advertising industry at different career stages, She is a Keeper offers actionable solutions to support them during critical moments in their professionallives. Explore these initiatives to boost talent retention, empower women in your organization, anddraw inspiration from European insights for local impact.

Read thw whole playbook here.

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