• The new educational programme is looking for creatives interested in having an experience working abroad for a few weeks and agencies and studios to host them
  • The call is open for members of the Art Directors Club of Europe until April 29th 2022

The Art Directors Club of Europe has launched today a new educational programme for its members: an exchange between creatives of different agencies and studios across Europe.

The programme is a fantastic way for creatives to develop their professional skills while working abroad without quitting their job, whilst it also allows agencies and studios to benefit from a wide range of talents from other cultures, countries and backgrounds. From today, until Friday the 29th of April, professionals with a minimum of 2 years experience (currently working in an agency or studio), that are part of the ADCE network, can apply. After submitting the application, the ADCE office will list all agencies and studios and make the perfect match.

Before the pandemic, ADCE did a pilot test with two leading agencies; comOn in Portugal and hasan & partners in Finland, which laid the groundwork for the Agency Exchange Programme launched today. Watch what the participants have to say about their experience in the following links:

Although ​​advertising people have a lot in common, independently of the country they are born in, the cultural differences and backgrounds between different European destinations are haunting. This programme is for creatives that are open-minded, courageous, proactive, and eager to learn new tools, working methods and methodologies.

The exchange programme should have a duration of 4 to 6 weeks minimum, and the exchangers should maintain their salary from their agency/studio. Although the travel  expenses should be covered by the exchanger or his/her agency or studio, host agencies and studios will provide accommodation during the exchange.

About the Art Directors Club of Europe

ADCE is the platform for the creative community to unite, interact, foster, explore, promote and celebrate creativity as a multi-solution approach. ADCE brings creatives together in Europe and beyond through its annual awards, events, educational programmes and publications. Internationally recognised as an authoritative voice, ADCE represents the best of local European advertising and design in an increasingly globalised market. ADCE passionately believes that we can only solve complex problems if we are a diverse, connected, and collaborative European creative community.

The Art Directors Club of Europe (ADCE) is a non-for-profit association headquartered in Barcelona. It comprises 23 professional clubs and associations of graphic design and advertising from 22 European countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Georgia, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Russia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Ukraine.

Founded in 1990, the ADCE strives to foster excellence in graphic design and advertising creativity at a European scale. The association represents more than 7,000 professionals from the field and gives visibility to the best works accomplished locally. The current president is Alexander Schill, from Germany, Global Chief Creative Officer of Serviceplan Group.

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